Mariah Dodson

Army vet, and social impact warrior Mariah Dodson has made it her mission to advance our communities through entrepreneurship. In 2018 Mariah became devoted to the mission of revitalization of our communities through economic restoration! In December of 2017, the non profit organization donated 1.5 million pounds of clothes internationally, as well as to three local Los Angeles homeless missions. The non profit organization continues to fulfill the mission by hosting quarterly “Day of Prosperity’s” events, where free haircuts, food, clothing, and many other resources are provided to families. Arts and crafts, and empowerment seminars are provided as well. These events are focused in Southern California communities. The non profit has also hosted monthly seminars focusing on mind, body, and soul wellness at the local senior centers and medical clinics. 

In 2017 Mariah took special interest in the upcoming legal cannabis market, co-founded and formed Dust To Diamonds Incorporated, a cannabis – integrated holistic corporation. The company advocates for self-reliance through holistic health and self-empowerment. 

In 2018 Dust To Diamonds Inc. is recognized in history by welcoming the youngest individuals to have received Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing county permits. The team takes pride in the opportunity to inspire our communities with a platform to educate on social equity within the cannabis industry. Dust To Diamonds Inc. is currently the majority shareholder in the development of an eco-friendly, medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing facility in California City, CA. 

In January 2019, Dust To Diamonds Inc. opened up one of the world’s first CBD and “wellness” stores that promotes the awareness of “wellbeing” with CBD infused herbal products. Mariah’s store, Essence CBD & Wellness Shop, is composed of many CBD clinical wellness products for those looking for a more harmonious nutritional routine, such as topicals, capsules, droppers and natural essential oils.

In 2020, Mariah received her California Real Estate license to further develop her goals of becoming a project developer, and is currently working with Berkshire Hathaway in Studio City on selling commercial and residential properties