Breaking barriers by requesting funding in the state budget to aid state and/or local law enforcement in combating illicit market activities while supporting incentives that both encourage localities to permit commercial cannabis activities, as well as provide pathways for unlicensed businesses to enter the compliant market.


Through supporting policies and initiatives that promote the equitable treatment of all applicants and licensees when determining eligibility for state and local licensure, including advocacy for continued funding for grants to local governments with social equity programs, and opposing policies that impede individuals and entities from entering into contractual relationships with licensees to advance their brands.


Social Equity LA is rooted in a place-based and asset based collective impact model and serves the areas of: Compton, Watts/Willowbrook, South Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley (Pacoima). Our target populations consist of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in disadvantaged communities affected by the war on drugs; Minorities, disadvantaged and underrepresented communities Women and LGBTQ+++


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