Luis Rivera

CEO, Collective Strategies

Luis Rivera is the Founder and CEO of Collective Strategies, a Certified Small (S.B.E.), Minority (M.B.E.) and Small Local Business Enterprise (S.L.B.E.), created to provide social, economic and workforce development for marginalized communities in key underrepresented industries. Collective Strategies is committed to promoting fairness, justice, opportunity, and equity in the design and implementation of cannabis related public policy, enforcement and the economic and workforce opportunities. “For the People and by the People!”

Mr. Rivera strongly believes that “it is the responsibility of the Government and the corporate sector to provide economic access and opportunities for people who were disproportionately impacted by the “war on drugs” based on class, race, and gender in the U.S.!”

As a licensed Cannabis Event Organizer with the State of California (Cannabis Event Organizer Lic.#: CEO14-0000035-LIC), Collective Strategies promotes the responsible advancement of the legal cannabis economy and marketplace by working with the industry, small businesses, and local municipalities and authorities to coordinate professional, business and consumer expo’s, policy summits and conferences, festivals, concerts and community, events and other public and private events (for more information visit,

In October 2018 Mr. Rivera Co-Founded Social Equity LA, which provides an online and in-person network that provides free, accurate and timely information on the legislative, enforcement, economic and workforce opportunities in the cannabis industry for individuals who qualify for the Social Equity Programs in the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

Mr. Rivera has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Public Administration from California State University of Los Angeles. Mr. Rivera has over 15 years of experience in the public sector, and recently served as Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Community Business Manager in the Office of Economic Development and as the South Los Angeles Area Representative in the Office of Public Engagement, from September 2015 to March 2019

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Adriana Gomez

CFO Collective Strategies & Social Equity LA, Co-Founder

Adriana Gomez was awarded a full scholarship to UCLA, where she graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science. Ms. Gomez is the first generation scholar for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ms. Gomez provides business development and financial services and is an advocate for women and under-represented individuals and communities.

Her dedication to improving the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged groups lead Ms. Gomez to co-found Social Equity LA, an online and in-person platform promoting Access, Inclusion and Diversity in the cannabis industry.

Since 2018, Social Equity LA has helped communities highly impacted by the War on Drugs by providing education and technical assistance to individuals who qualify and want to participate in the legal cannabis industry through business & workforce development training and community workshops.

Ernesto “Ernie” Hidalgo

Director of Planning & Policy

Ernesto Hidalgo brings 23 years of experience in finance, real estate, community development, and organizing to his roles with Collective Strategies and Social Equity LA. Mr. Hidalgo’s professional experience includes leading projects, creating programs, and providing oversight with municipalities, community redevelopment agencies, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to structure  acquisitions, coordinate environmental studies and entitlements, and further economic and community-based development. 

Prior to partnering with Collective Strategies and Social Equity LA, Ernesto founded Civic Impact Group, a California Benefit Corporation, where he serves as President and works on projects that advance organizations’ strengths and mission of service to communities. He has helped to develop programs and partnerships, coordinate volunteers and public relations, and manage projects for organizations such as the City of Los Angeles, City of Montebello, Loyola Marymount University, TreePeople, Audubon Society, and the American Red Cross. Ernesto serves as chairperson of the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance and previously for Metro’s Local Service Council, to which he was appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Enrique Peralta

Board Secretary & Director of Media

Enrique Peralta was born in 1995 and raised in South Central Los Angeles (South LA). Influenced by his parent’s entrepreneurial mindset, Mr. Peralta pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, from California State University, Northridge, making him the first of his family to graduate from a 4-year university.

From 2018 to 2019, Mr. Peralta voluntarily served under Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Community Business Team in the Office of Economic Development. Inspired to provide social, economic, and workforce development programs for marginalized communities, Mr. Peralta developed and administered many community outreach programs and events; including, the Mayor’s Small Business Summit, Back to Basics: Small Business Digital Series, Business Basics: Building Your Enterprise, Accessing LA: Buildwith, Teamwith, and Risewith. Through his efforts, he has served over 300 business owners and start-ups to do business in the City of Los Angeles by providing access to capital, government resources, and one-on-one consultation with government officials.

In the Fall of 2020, Mr. Peralta founded South LA Original to influence and assist young aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners in South LA through financial literacy workshops, business coaching programs, and social networking events, on and offline. Additionally, South LA Original serves as an open platform where community stakeholders address their areas of concern with business leaders and government officials documented through its podcast series South LA Original: Checking in. 

During his spare time, Mr. Peralta continues to serve his community in partnership with local non-profit institutions to promote education, equitable ownership, and employment opportunities to improve the life outcomes for marginalized communities.

Ana Lucia Ochoa

Business Development

Ana Lucia Ochoa was born in East LA, raised in South Central during her early childhood, and grew up in Burbank, CA. In 2005 she was the first in her family to receive a full scholarship to the University of Rochester where she studied Political Science. She has always been passionate about government and policy, with a desire to transform her sphere of influence through business development and management. Through the years she has worked with a number of small business owners to grow their companies through the implementation of structural frameworks and internal staff development. She received her Certification for Professional Coaching in 2015 to grow in the areas of developing and managing people and entrepreneurs. She has also worked with renowned non-profits such as Frontier Ventures (formerly known as the U.S. Center for World Missions) where she spearheaded start-ups and think-tanks within the area of ministry to push forward The Gospel to the nations and diasporas through media, entrepreneurship, servant leadership development, and research. She also served smaller non-profits to plan and execute programs that focus on personal discipleship and professional development. More recently, she managed up and coming artists and young entrepreneurs so that they can be their best selves in and outside their field of expertise.